Repercussions Of Over Eating

Overeating is a disorder which affects both the physical and mental status of the person. People tend to overeat sometimes due to boredom. Some people eat just for the sake of eating or to improve their physical appearance. The various emotions like anger, sadness, hurt, betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment leads to binge eating.

Some of the effects of over eating are below:

Weight gain and obesity: Excessive overeating leads to uncontrolled weight gain and obesity. This leads to irritation, mood swings, joint pains, depression and also affects the personality of the person. They lose their self-confidence and develop inferiority complex.

Emotional distress: There is no feeling of satiety after the meal and it leads to emotional eating.

Eating disorder: The person develops eating disorder and this love for food replaces everything else in life including the relationships with friends and family.

Health disorders: The overeating leads to variety of health disorders as it affects all the organs of the body causing organ malfunctions (kidney, liver stomach), bad breath, body odor, lack of concentration, skin diseases like acne, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels, acid reflux diseases.
Eating consciously and healthy food is more important to have a healthy body in a healthy mind.



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